Your wedding day is more than just a single pretty picture on a mountain. It's the preparation, the details, the poured over wedding vows, the happy moments — and even when things don't go according to plan. 

Every wedding package includes a Documentary PhotoFilm. On the day I use professional audio equipment and my background in Audio production to record the sounds of the day, then I mix that audio with your photos to create a one-of-a-kind documentary you can share, watch, and treasure. A way to relive your special day for many years to come. 

Relive the Day With a One-of-a-kind Photographic Documentary of Your Wedding

"It Makes me cry Every Time I watch it"

— Tessaly

Sample PhotoFilms

"His photos of our special day turned out amazing and he even made a photo film of the event that we will treasure forever!"

— Sam

Once the photo edits are completed, I combine the photographs, key audio clips from the day, and music into a unique documentary PhotoFilm. This PhotoFilm is shareable from YouTube and within your customized gallery website. You will also receive a download link to download the full video onto your personal devices. The PhotoFilm tells the full story of your wedding day from start to finish, giving you the chance to relive the full day over and over again. 

Combining the Two for a Unique Memory

Throughout the wedding day, I use my background in radio and audio production to capture high quality audio recordings of the big moments. I can usually collaborate with your wedding venue or wedding DJ to record audio directly off their sound system, or place my own discreet microphones. Key moments like the wedding ceremony, vow exchange, I do's, and toasts are recorded as another keepsake of your special day. 

Audio Along the Way

On your wedding day, I'm there for all the key moments, starting with the preparation. I believe being there for your getting ready phase helps everyone get used to my presence, while also allowing me to get those key wedding photographs that will flesh out the entire story of the wedding day. 

Then I capture all the moments both big and little: first looks, the ceremony itself, walking down the aisle, toasts, dancing, bouquet toss, hugs, cutting the cake — if it happens, I'll be there to make photojournalistic, true to the moment wedding photos.

First, Candid Wedding Photography 

How it Works

"his photofilm that he creates is truly incredible - he combines those moments with the audio of the important touching speeches that you don't ever want to forget... He captures all that so you can relive that special day over and over again!!"

— Nataly

Yes! I understand that family photos are an important part of the wedding as they are the rare opportunity for everyone to be together. Before the wedding I will ask you to send me the list of the most important family group shots. I do ask my couples to keep the groupings to ten or less, that way we can get the group shots done quickly and efficiently to let you enjoy the day. 

our parents will want family photos, is this ok? 

Of course! From a photography perspective, deciding on whether or not to do a first look is one of the biggest decisions on your wedding timeline. My couples tend to split about 40/40/20 on whether or not to do a formal first look, a traditional, walking down the aisle first look, or no first look at all. I'm happy to consult on which option you feel makes sense for your personality.  

Can we do a first look?

I do not provide sneak peeks as a general rule. I have found this slows down the entire process and creates delays. 

I may provide one or two sneak peek photos on request if needed for thank you notes. 

Can we get a sneak peek of our wedding photography?

Each photo is meticulously edited for exposure, contrast, highlights, shadows, color, temperature, etc. using professional editing software. 

In-depth retouching techniques, i.e. liquifying, removing double chins, face or body swapping, excessive skin smoothing, using AI to remove Uncle Bob's date, etc. will not be used. 

Will you do retouching of our wedding photos?

A general rule of thumb is a minimum of 50 finished photographs per hour of shoot time (in actuality it’s usually more). Each photo is also delivered in both color and black and white, so for an 8 hour wedding day you can expect a minimum of 800 total photos, 400 in color, 400 black and white. 

HOw many photographs will I get?

Photo delivery time varies depending on workload, in my standard contract 8 weeks is the maximum time allowed. During the summer wedding season, 6-7 weeks is around average. Turnaround time is usually faster during the slower season (November - May).

HOw long does it take to get my wedding photos?

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! I own several film cameras and usually shoot a roll or two of film photography on the wedding day. You may have even seen some film photos mixed in throughout this website and in my portfolio. I don't currently add any additional fees for a a few rolls of film casually taken throughout the day. If you are interested in a more comprehensive film package I am happy to discuss shooting more, or exclusively film, including both 35mm and 120mm. 

We love film, can you shoot wedding photos on film? 

I have anywhere from 3-6 cameras with on a wedding day. This ensures that even if a camera were to break, I have multiple options.

The first thing I do when I return home is offload the memory cards onto a Solid State Drive, this drive is immediately backed up to the cloud and to a local backup in my home office, ensuring that even if my house burned down your photos would be backed up.  

How do you backup our wedding photos?

While I am based in the Seattle area most of my weddings take place in the broader Pacific Northwest. I am happy to travel for your wedding photography and I have shot weddings across the Western United States.

Additional travel fees do apply based on mileage.  

Where are you and can you travel to our wedding?