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Beau Lodge Wedding Photography | Bow, Washington | Chris and Kassandra

Photography, Ben Wagner Photography  |   Venue, Beau Lodge  |   Location, Bow, Washington |   DJ, DJ Kelli  |   Officiant, Hillary Lundberg

An Emotional Beau Lodge Wedding

As a candid wedding photographer, each wedding provides a unique storytelling opportunity. While the outline may be the same (bridal preparation, walking down the aisle, speeches, etc.) each step is different every time: a fusion of the couple’s personalities, the day’s light, the disposition of the guests and the context of the proceeding years.

Kassandra and Chris’s picturesque Beau Lodge wedding was no exception. Located in Bow, Washington, in the Skagit Valley north of Seattle, the venue itself is breathtaking, and perfect for the couple’s intimate wedding with a small group of cherished family and friends. On my first visit to a venue I always arrive early to scout for a few minutes before going to greet the bride, and I was struck by the soft overcast light and overwhelming greenery, a perfect wedding day in the Pacific Northwest.

The bridal party couldn’t be any more welcoming, and I quickly began shooting. Immediately I knew this was going to be a great wedding day, as — despite what I’m sure were tense nerves — the group was relaxed and having a great time enjoying being with each other.

Emotions were high. Kassandra’s mother passed away just a few months before the wedding, giving an extra meaning to an already emotional day. From her picture at the wedding ceremony, to speeches telling her story, her absence—but more importantly her presence—was felt throughout. Working as a Documentary Wedding Photographer, it was my privilege to capture these emotional moments, such as Chris’ mother stepping in to zip up Kassandra’s dress, or the tears of the mother-son and father-daughter dances.

Kassandra was gracious enough to leave me a very kind review:

Reflecting on that day, Ben was a super star! He was really easy to work with, exceedingly accommodating, and went straight to work with little direction from me, which – if you’ve planned a wedding, you know – is a god send. With all the events of the day I didn’t even notice him running around, yet he got the best candid shots! He also fully coordinated a flawless First Look shoot in the perfect spot and talked us through the whole thing. Those First Look photos are among my favorite!

However, I would be remiss if I did not gush over the stunning and heart wrenching picture compilation video he made with the voice over of my maid of honor’s touching speech. This was a wonderful surprise because I didn’t even realize it was a part of the package, yet it instantly became my most treasured keepsake. Thank you so much Ben for preserving all the love and magic from that day in such beautiful photos!

— Kassandra

Beau Lodge Wedding Photography – The PhotoFilm

All Wedding Packages include a 4K PhotoFilm — combining your wedding photographs with recorded sound to create a one of kind photographic documentary.

Beau Lodge Wedding Photography – Selected Photos

I hope you enjoy a small, select group of photos from Chris and Kassandra’s wedding day. In the following gallery you will see images in both Color and Black and White. Each couple receives all digital photographs edited in both color and black and white. Any film photography images, some of which are included here, are delivered depending on the chosen film stock. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have questions about film photography and how it can be included in your wedding day!

All digital images photographed on the Fujifilm X-T5. Film photographs shot on the Leica MP using ilford HP5 35mm film. Film processing by Panda Lab, Seattle.

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